Funding needed to run the Facilities

The current unit cost per person in the Housing Section is R1, 900.00 per month. Most of the 41 residents in the Housing Section receive only the government grant of R1, 800.00 and pay rent of R690.00 per month for their accommodation, which includes water, electricity and security. Due to varying incomes and rent paid, the Home needs to subsidise the residents in this section by approximately R566, 000.00 per annum. T


ASSISTED LIVING - HOUSING:  The estimated unit cost is R5, 000 per month and will add R92, 000 to the fundraising budget.


The unit cost in Frailcare is R16, 750.00 per month. This amounts to a total running cost of R8 040 000.00 per annum.  The Department of Social Development (DSD) recognizes the work we are doing and have increased the subsidy from 36 to 40 residents. All these residents are sponsored by the Home between R10, 900.00 and R13, 030.00 per person per month.  The unit cost minus fees and subsidy gives us an estimated fundraising budget of R5.86 Million.

Total fundraising budget for 2019/2020 is estimated to be R6.5 million

Families are involved as much as possible in contributing towards the fees, but in most cases they are unable to assist or can only contribute in a very small way.  Often, there is no family at all to whom the Home can look for financial or other assistance.


The Financial Year End of the Home is 31 March. The Civic and Management maintain tight control over expenditures.

The following is a summarised breakdown of income and expenditure at end March 2018. Financials are audited annually by EN Jackson and Company and are available on request.


Public Donation Income            
Internal Funding        
Lotto Funding            
Department of Social Development         


R7 563 589

R4 746 104 

R1 635 284

R322 500

R859 701

Repairs & Maintenance        
Motor Vehicles            
Medicine & Adult Care Products            
Financial Services/Insurance    

R7 393 618
R4 954 190
R825 445
R694 318
R11 769
R151 646
R110 141

R67 808
R182 331
R395 970

Funding & Support

Without the past support of generous donations from various trusts, companies and individuals, to whom we have often appealed in a time of great need, the Home would not have been able to continue offering its residents a safe haven.  

Certain trusts have a policy of funding specific material needs rather than meeting the general operating expenses of an organisation.


Therefore the Home maintains a wish-list of major expenditure items such as:
Repairs to buildings, including roofs, painting, fencing, fire detectors and plumbing. Repair or replacement of appliances, mini-stoves, fridges, laundry equipment and furniture.


The Home also receives support from various organisations who, as part of their social outreach encourage staff to support us. This support is in the form of providing special meals or teas for our residents as well as giving of their time to assist with painting and decorating of various rooms and exterior walls.


In the recent past, the trend appears to be that donations in support of organisations focusing on children and HIV/AIDS have become easier to come by.  Support for the elderly, on the other hand, grows increasingly difficult to secure.   


The survival of the Home is reliant on donation income.


We appeal for new supporters on a constant basis. There are many ways in which assistance can be offered, allowing the Home to meet all the costs required for the continued running of the facility, ensuring the continuation of this safe haven for elderly and frail women.

How You Can Help




to fund operational costs such as water, electricity, food, transport.


In Kind

Services e.g. legal, plumbing, groceries, medication, toiletries, paint. 

These needs may change from

time to time.



Sponsor a resident's monthly shortfall between fees paid

and unit cost.

All donations are acknowledged.

We are a PBO and a Section 18A tax certificate will be issued for monetary donations as they are tax deductible.