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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our donors/supporters who acted on our appeal for food for our 37 Independent Living Residents during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

We are absolutely blown away by your generosity and no words can describe our gratitude for what you have done.

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Our wish for you this Easter is that your home be blessed with happiness and unwaivering faith.

The Easter weekend is normally spent celebrating with family and loved ones, but due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, this year is going to be different. Please do the right thing and stay home, stay safe.


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Dear Funders/Supporters/Donors RE: GFH COVID-19 Virus Update (31st March 2020 @ 15h00) Gerald Fitzpatrick House & Nursing Home (“GFH”) trust you are well and safe during this period and we hope that you are able to stay in contact with your family, friends and colleagues. The purpose of this communication is to share with you the current status of GFH with regards to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown which is necessary to minimize the negative outcomes of this pandemic. You are our supporters and we would like to keep you informed. GFH fully supports the Government’s steps taken. About GFH

• Gerald Fitzpatrick House currently accommodates 79 elderly female residents and is one of the few sub-economic homes left in Johannesburg.

• One of our Residents turned 102 this month, 6 Residents are in their 90’s, 14 Residents are in their 80’s and 40 Residents in their 70’s.

• GFH have 33 Residents in Frail Care, 9 Residents in Assisted Living and 37 Residents in Independent Housing. COVID-19 GFH Status

• GFH Residents appreciate the severity of the virus and are adhering to the new rules.

• GFH Residents morale is high considering the current circumstances and restrictions.

• GFH Management/Staff have shown absolute commitment and are incredible.

• GFH Management/Staff are very nervous about the upcoming and unpredictable weeks.

• Numerous steps have been implemented to help reduce potential exposure to the virus.

• Currently no Residents or Staff are infected or quarantined for the COVID-19 virus

Current Support

• The Department of Social Development (DSD) and Public Hospitals have been very supportive of GFH by providing enough medical supplies to assist GFH during this period.

• The Department of Social Development (DSD) is proactively providing its normal quarterly funding support for Residents in Frail Care and Assisted Living. This funding goes a long way to ensuring these Residents receive medical care and food on a monthly basis.

• GFH, as always, is very grateful for their support and thank them for taking an interest in the work GFH are doing. GFH truly appreciates the continued support for the elderly ladies. Key Concerns

• During a conversation this morning with Caroline Makubela, who is overseeing the management of GFH, she has stressed that her main area of concern is the lack of food for the Independent Housing Residents (37 elderly ladies). Caroline is happy that GFH have enough medical supplies and will continue to monitor this as the weeks unfold.

• As a result of the lockdown and as part of GFH’s precautionary steps to reduce infections coming into GFH, Independent Housing Resident trips to the shops have been restricted and alternate plans are being made to assist these Residents in receiving food.

• GFH is looking to completely stop all trips to the shops by providing Independent Housing Residents with onsite food. This will be aligned to the food preparation for the Frail Care and Assisted Living Residents.

• The additional cost which GFH will incur will be R61,297.96 (R1,656.67 * 37 Independent Housing Residents) per month.

• By reducing external exposure as much as possible, we are exponentially reducing the potential risk which each Resident could be exposed to.

• The Funding Team is currently looking to see what they can do to raise these funds so that we can immediately further reduce external risks which could have a disastrous impact to the GFH Residents.


• Without all of your support, GFH would not be where we are today and for this we thank you.

• GFH would like to inform you that we are taking this COVID-19 virus very seriously and are taking all necessary precautionary steps.

• To date GFH have been fortunate to have zero exposure to the COVID-19 virus but we are at the same very nervous about what the coming weeks will bring. Please do not hesitate to make contact with Caroline Makubela or myself should you feel there are questions which you would like us to answer. Our contact details are:

• Caroline Makubela: +27 (0) 11 614-3237 or +27 (0) 82 208-6370

• Craig Barendsen: +27 (0) 82 906-6676 Yours sincerely, Craig Barendsen (GFH Civic Board Chairperson)

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